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When it comes to interpreting services, there is only one detail that makes a difference in a successful engagement—the people who deliver the service. That’s where LiNKS Sign Language & Interpreting Services® excels. Our organization serves local, national, and international clientele with a personal touch that is unmatched. Our experienced interpreters break the language barrier to allow for open communication between you and your business.

Here at LiNKS Sign Language & Interpreting Services® we provide translation in over twenty languages including Arabic, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Korean. Not only do our contract interpreters have consecutive and simultaneous fluency modes, they have a deep cultural knowledge and understanding of the language. Our experienced interpreters are always on call for on-site translation.

Whether you need qualified sign language interpreters or language interpreters , contact us today.

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LiNKS Sign Language & Interpreting Services (A Division of Goodwill) is a full service interpreter agency based out of Long Beach California. Serving the deaf and hard of hearing community since 1999, LiNKS also takes pride in expanding community support by providing language interpreting and translation services to the multicultural Southern California marketplace.   Whether you require an American Sign Language Interpreter (ASL) or a Certified Medical Interpreter our staff of professionals  are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.