LiNKS contract interpreters are either certified or qualified and follow RID guidelines of professional code of conduct. All Interpreters are vetted; background screened monthly, and are trained in the area of confidentiality (HIPAA) and Fraud Waste and Abuse (FWA). LiNKS is currently in good business standing and is authorized to do business with any federal, state, or local public agency.

LiNKS (A Division of Goodwill) is a Sign Language and Interpreting Referral Agency Established in 1999. LiNKS currently has 350+ interpreters under contract (100+ American Sign Language). LiNKS contract interpreters can support 35+ Spoken Languages.

Medical, Education (Private/Public), Legal, Human Resource Departments (Interviews), Entertainment (Concerts), Workshops, Conferences, Social Services.

All requests for interpreters are best served with a minimum notice of 72 business hours prior to the scheduled start time.

You will receive an auto generated confirmation email.

Short answer, It depends. All of our Interpreters are independent contractors and their availability is subject to change. Assignments can be filled within 10 minutes or never based on the availability of interpreters and the time that assignment was requested.

You will receive email notification from LiNKs™ dispatching department that your assignment has been filled.

You can email us at dispatch@linksinterpreting.com. We will respond as soon as possible.

The fastest way is to email dispatch@linksinterpreting.com. We will confirm the cancelation and/or change request.

Absolutely, we are here to respond as quickly as possible. However please note that we are set up to respond quickly to email requests. Call 888-742-0070.

Revenue generated through LiNKS helps to fund Goodwill Programs and Advances the Mission of Serving the Local Southern Los Angeles County Community. .89 Cents of every dollar earned goes toward training, educating, and placing individuals with barriers to employment.

Normal Business Hours: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST/PDT ~ Monday through Friday
Emergency Hours:  ~ 24 Hours, Weekends & Holidays.

Please Call 562-435-3411 ext. 249, request from this link or email Links@linksinterpreting.com

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